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A L L S A I N T S | George The Poet

A beautiful film for fashion brand Allsaints here, with the ever-insightful UK wordsmith George The Poet. I feel like there’s a complete disconnect between George The Poet and the abstract film itself. They exist independently of one another, yet they work in perfect harmony. A lovely little piece.

S A M P I L L I N G | J. Cole – She Knows

Pulse Films director Sam Pilling has done a beautiful job for American hip-hop artist J.Cole’s track ‘She Knows’. The day in the life of a young skater kid, we follow the journey of his active day brushing with police, skating bowls and discovering a dark family secret.

G I O R G I O T E S T I | Damon Albarn – Mr Tembo

A nice promo here from Pulse-represented director Giorgio Testi, for track ‘Mr Tembo’ from the always-excellent Damon Albarn. Shot in a church in Leytonstone, East London, it’s just a really simple, well executed music video which does what it’s supposed to do!

G R E G W I L S O N | Let Me Know When You See Fire

As you may or may not know, the future of television and cinema is 4K – that’s four times the resolution of current HD. Cinematographer Greg Wilson and director Brendan Bellomo were asked to shoot a 4K promo with the new Phantom Flex4K camera – a camera capable of shooting 1000fps at 4k. In simple terms that’s extremely slow-motion at extremely high definition. Whether or not the technical side appeals to you, the visual side should, so enjoy this firey sensation!

M V O D | Chris Cunningham Mashup

If you were ever in doubt as to why Chris Cunningham is so revered for his work on music videos, the good people over at MVOD have just released a 7minute edit of his best promo work, seamlessly mashed-up for your viewing pleasure. Intense & shocking as ever, Cunningham’s work is fucking excellent and this is a fitting homage to it.