R I C H A R D M O S S E | The Enclave

I saw this exhibition in Foam Museum in Amsterdam in 2014 and was completely blown away by it – I’ve somehow only just come across this bit of promotion by art & culture magazine Frieze. The artist Richard Mosse discovered this rare type of 16mm infrared film that Kodak developed for military purposes which – simply put – shows greens as bright pink. He decided to take it to the Democratic Republic of Congo to document the on-going but rarely talked about civil war, and in collaboration with cinematographer Trevor Tweeten and audio composer Ben Frost created the most immersive exhibition I’ve ever been to. Hanging as separate projections, the story of these places slowly unfolds in a kind of visual/audio journey, the two combining in harmony whilst shifting positions around the room. For a much better idea of what I’m trying to describe, watch above!

S H A N E M E A D O W S | The Living Room

The Living Room is a short film by UK director Shane Meadows, of Dead Man’s Shoes and This Is England, about his friend and musician Gavin Clark. Gav’s idea is to play a series of gigs in people’s living rooms, and we watch as he and Shane go on a journey to make that happen. The end result is a charming, down to earth film about a regular guy. Great little watch!

D A V E M A | Trona

Always pushing new and insightful content, Pulse Films are at it again with equally-brilliant director Dave Ma. This short film ‘Trona’ follows the narration of a gentleman Bobby Chastein describing his life story spent in the dusty rural town of Trona, California. Although it’s shot in the modern day, you get the feeling the place hasn’t changed since the days of 1955, when the narrater arrived. As far as I can see this is art for arts sake, and I love it.

J U D I T H V E E N E N D A A L | Nostalgia

‘Nostalgia’ is a visual poem directed by Judith Veenendaal, and I love absolutely everything about it. Visually it’s stunning – the DOP Noel Schoolderman’s use of textures like smoke and fire is so engaging. Then the marriage of the score and poem work together flawlessly with the edit, I actually can’t do it justice in writing! Amazing filmmaking.

O N E I N C H D R E A M S | The Ghost Inside

A German 23-year old, Alex Schulz, has just broken the highline world record for slacklining, at 375m. Completed in rural China, there’s an upcoming documentary about the feat, but for now the trailer looks beautiful.