Phil Cooper - London Camera Operator and Film Maker

O S C A R H U D S O N | Fear And Love: John Pawson

Wonderful wonderful short by filmmaker Oscar Hudson, detailing the process which architect John Pawson went through re-designing London’s new Design Museum. The style of combining VHS and digital footage is brilliant, with each format contradicting and highlighting the other. Added to that I love how he gives John Pawson the camera, as a way of […]

B L A C K S H E E P S T U D I O S | The Last Shadow Puppets – Aviation

Brilliant, brilliant stuff from Black Sheep Studios and The Last Shadow Puppets. The scene sees a Kill-Bill style jilted wedding taking place on a deserted beach, with the wife due to be executed, if not for Miles & Alex. It stays true to TSLP’s vintage video feel, but with real cinematic qualities like long-shot takes […]

C A N A D A | Tame Impala – The Less I Know the Better

Wow. Directing collective CANADA have delivered us an absolute beauty of a promo here, for Kevin Parker’s Tame Impala. Staying true to the music’s psychedelic style, the video imagines a high school boys’ love interest being charmed away from him by an all-encompassing gorilla. Neon paint, choreography, animation & basketball – it’s got it all.

A L A N D E L R I O O R T I Z | Porches – Hour

Another nice little number here from Alan Del Rio Ortiz – the same director to do St. Vincent’s little doc for Nowness – this time with band Porches. Despite having no real narrative to follow, the film keeps you fixed with it’s abstract imagery, neon-coloured lighting and patches of 8mm film. Lovely.

H U C K | Family Business: The Secret Recipe of the Blue Plaques

Here’s a sweet little documentary about the quiet life of the couple behind London’s iconic blue plaques. These plaques identify the buildings which certain famous people lived or worked, and there’s only two people in the UK who make them – an elderly couple living down in rural Cornwall. Put together by Huck Magazine, it’s […]

A L A N D E L R I O O R T I Z | St. Vincent: Lone Star

After a brief hiatus I’m back and thankfully along comes this lovely little doc on pop star St. Vincent right on time. Produced by Alan Del Rio Ortiz, it introduces star Annie Clark (St.Vincent) in a candid way, documenting her spending time in her native rural Texas, singing at a local baseball game and walking […]

R I C H A R D M O S S E | The Enclave

I saw this exhibition in Foam Museum in Amsterdam in 2014 and was completely blown away by it – I’ve somehow only just come across this bit of promotion by art & culture magazine Frieze. The artist Richard Mosse discovered this rare type of 16mm infrared film that Kodak developed for military purposes which – […]

L I A M S A I N T – P I E R R E | The Reinvention Of Normal

A great short piece here documenting the mind of a serial-inventor Dominic Wilcox. Director Liam Saint-Pierre presents his film in the really interesting style of showcasing the man himself in a traditional documentary style while his wonderful ideas appear in animation form. A really great watch!