Phil Cooper - London Camera Operator and Film Maker

C H R I S H O P E W E L L | Radiohead – Burn The Witch

New long-awaited Radiohead is finally with us, with single ‘Burn The Witch’ accompanied by a pretty intense music video. The stop-motion animation follows an inspection of a medieval town, followed by an all-out burning. The sweet, innocent-looking characters clearly have an evil side, which makes for the dark comedy!

B L A C K S H E E P S T U D I O S | The Last Shadow Puppets – Aviation

Brilliant, brilliant stuff from Black Sheep Studios and The Last Shadow Puppets. The scene sees a Kill-Bill style jilted wedding taking place on a deserted beach, with the wife due to be executed, if not for Miles & Alex. It stays true to TSLP’s vintage video feel, but with real cinematic qualities like long-shot takes […]

C A N A D A | Tame Impala – The Less I Know the Better

Wow. Directing collective CANADA have delivered us an absolute beauty of a promo here, for Kevin Parker’s Tame Impala. Staying true to the music’s psychedelic style, the video imagines a high school boys’ love interest being charmed away from him by an all-encompassing gorilla. Neon paint, choreography, animation & basketball – it’s got it all.

A L A N D E L R I O O R T I Z | Porches – Hour

Another nice little number here from Alan Del Rio Ortiz – the same director to do St. Vincent’s little doc for Nowness – this time with band Porches. Despite having no real narrative to follow, the film keeps you fixed with it’s abstract imagery, neon-coloured lighting and patches of 8mm film. Lovely.

C H R I S C U N N I N G H A M | Aphex Twin (Windowlicker)

If you ever wanted to know anything about elusive electronic artist Aphex Twin, or renowned audio-visual artist Chris Cunningham, this promo for track ‘Windowlicker’ is not a bad representation. Completely outrageous, hilarious and pure genius, it showcases some of their best work they’ve made together in a long-running partnership. Check out Come To Daddy if […]

S A M P I L L I N G | J. Cole – She Knows

Pulse Films director Sam Pilling has done a beautiful job for American hip-hop artist J.Cole’s track ‘She Knows’. The day in the life of a young skater kid, we follow the journey of his active day brushing with police, skating bowls and discovering a dark family secret.

G I O R G I O T E S T I | Damon Albarn – Mr Tembo

A nice promo here from Pulse-represented director Giorgio Testi, for track ‘Mr Tembo’ from the always-excellent Damon Albarn. Shot in a church in Leytonstone, East London, it’s just a really simple, well executed music video which does what it’s supposed to do!