Phil Cooper - London Camera Operator and Film Maker

D A N M A S S I E | Paolo Nutini – Better Man

Never has a dressing room space been used so effectively as in this beautiful live acoustic film from Dan Massie at Electric Light Studios. I like how the film doesn’t show it’s hand straight away; it takes a minute or so to fully realise the cool location they’ve used. Black and white is a perfect […]

H U S E M O N F A R A D I | Paolo Nutini – Iron Sky

This is one of the finest examples of a live session film around at the moment. Director Huse Monfaradi, deliverer of many a fine Arctic Monkeys promo, has nailed every aspect you would come to expect with a live session film – beautiful shots, great sound, a perfect edit and a feel to match the […]

M I K E D A L Y | Movement (live)

Australian director Mike Daly has wisely got in with fellow-Ozzies MOVEMENT, to shoot a live studio session of their absorbing track, ‘Us’. The location – the Australian National Art School Theatre – mixed with the immersive track makes for a good watch. Enjoy.

A R C T I C M ON K E Y S | Mad Sounds (Avatar Studios)

Another live session film, this time from the Arctic Monkeys in Avatar Studios, NYC. I love how simply they’ve shot this, using only strip lights to illuminate the space, which simultaneously provide a beautiful background texture. Giovanni Autran has captured the mood of the track perfectly, and his shots only serve to enhance it. Lovely […]

D A R K S I D E | Paper Trails

Headed by the synth-prodigy Nicolas Jaar, Darkside’s music is beautiful & seriously immersive. This film does so well to document the artists at work in a beautifully simple way. The kind of thing I’d love to have shot.