Phil Cooper - London Camera Operator and Film Maker

L A N A D E L R E Y | Shades Of Cool

Lana Del Rey continues to show those sexy, dark vibes we come to expect of her here with track Shades Of Cool of her new album, Ultraviolence. What I find coolest about this promo is the kind of poignant, iconic textures she conveys in the images; that cool LA vintage thing that’s actually pretty hard […]

N A T A L I E J O H N S | Morrissey – Earth Is The Loneliest Planet

Something different here, although you wouldn’t expect much else from Morrissey. ‘Earth Is The Loneliest Planet’ – great title – ┬áis a spoken-word track off his new album and the film to accompany it is an intriguing little number. It features Pam Anderson too, if that helps.