Phil Cooper - London Camera Operator and Film Maker

D E X T E R S | Start To Run

Monday afternoon sees us shoot the first in a series of live studio sessions, and to kick us off is these guys Dexters.┬áNME describes them as follows; “This is brash guitar anthemia of the very highest order.” Watch the promo for their single ‘Start To Run’ above. Can’t wait.

N E H E M I A S C O L I N D R E S | Berlin, Berlin

“A poetic visualization of a city’s manifesto” – is how director Nehemias Colindres describes his film ‘Berlin, Berlin’. I describe it as some beautiful, poetic shit. And I mean the good shit!

J I M O W E N | Can We Talk?

Along with the more recent ‘God Of Love’, ‘Can We Talk?’ is one of the best short films I’ve ever seen. A perfectly written script, near-flawless acting and it’s hilarious subject matter make it so. One to remember!!

M I K E D A L Y | Movement (live)

Australian director Mike Daly has wisely got in with fellow-Ozzies MOVEMENT, to shoot a live studio session of their absorbing track, ‘Us’. The location – the Australian National Art School Theatre – mixed with the immersive track makes for a good watch. Enjoy.

D A V E M A | Flight Facilities (2)

Dave Ma and his cinematographer Benjamin Kitchens team up again to produce another great promo, once again for Australian duo Flight Facilities. I absolutely love Dave Ma’s simple, playful concepts which are always beautifully shot and well executed. He strikes again.

C H E R Y L D U N N | Everybody Street

If you’re into street photography, or photography at all, then this documentary is for you. It showcases some brilliant photography, with insightful interviews with the photographers that made it all happen. Well worth a watch!

D A V I D L E M K E | Gunther Holtorf’s 23 Year Road Trip

I spotted this story last year on BBC News and it caught my attention. The resulting story is one of the most fascinating I’ve heard, and the photography amazing. Have a watch. Check out more of David Lemke’s photographs of Gunther Holtorf here.

R I L E Y B L A K E W A Y | Nothing Stops Detroit

This film manages to encapsulate my two favourite formats of film – Documentary, and Super 8mm. ‘Nothing Stops Detroit’ follows a Californian street artist to Detroit to explore his love of street painting whilst also painting its own portrait of the City. The aesthetic that 16mm and Super 8mm film gives you is beautiful and […]