Phil Cooper - London Camera Operator and Film Maker

J L W | Jungle (Platoon)

If you’ve not heard of this band yet, get listening. They’ve got a cool sound, and clearly an eye for a wicked video. It’s a great little concept (I’m tempted to almost say original…!) that’s been nailed in production. I love the long takes used and I’m sure if they could have, they’d have done […]

A R C T I C M ON K E Y S | Mad Sounds (Avatar Studios)

Another live session film, this time from the Arctic Monkeys in Avatar Studios, NYC. I love how simply they’ve shot this, using only strip lights to illuminate the space, which simultaneously provide a beautiful background texture. Giovanni Autran has captured the mood of the track perfectly, and his shots only serve to enhance it. Lovely […]

K I N G K R U L E | Lizard State

The latest work from Jamie-James Medina┬ásees him direct King Krule in this lovely little promo, which plays with perspective ’til your dizzy. There’s even a camio from Alfred Hitchcock. Check out Medina’s previous work with the great Bobby Womack.

D A R K S I D E | Paper Trails

Headed by the synth-prodigy Nicolas Jaar, Darkside’s music is beautiful & seriously immersive. This film does so well to document the artists at work in a beautifully simple way. The kind of thing I’d love to have shot.


It seems RAPHA just get how to be more than a cycling company, and here’s another lovely little film from them to prove it. I like how it’s constructed just from stills and VO, and this style allows your mind to wander. Plus I love old bikes, so that helps.

j a q a p p a r a t u s 1

I was fortunate enough to work on Chris Cunningham’s 2012 art installation ‘jaqapparatus 1’ at Audi City, London. I stepped into the venue to see 2 Talos Rigs, with high powered lasers attached to the heads, ‘robot fighting’ over an Audi engine suspended from the ceiling; bizarre. Working with the Talos-crew I attached cameras to […]

D A V E M A | Movement

A beautifully shot, narrative-led promo from Dave Ma of the band MOVEMENT. Awesome >>>


Another cool little idea here from the Cokau Lab, showcasing a film with great shots, editing & sound design as a way of showcasing the fact that they can get…great shots, do great editing & create great sound design. Clever stuff.


A film probably everyone has seen at some point or another, but still one that is just impressive. Well shot, well edited, really creative and executed perfectly. Good jawb.